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You never know when a legal issue involving the defense of your property or a right of way will come up. Surveyors test property boundaries and set standards of practice. The expert surveyor testifies to the boundaries and the accuracy of the site map, verifying any changes or movements, and then provides a three-dimensional review of the property in question. If you find yourself faced with this type of situation, you need the expertise of a court-tested surveyor who can present their findings in a clear and concise manner.

For over 40 years, my work as a surveyor and expert witness has required extensive and up to date knowledge in the disciplines of surveying, engineering and rules of evidence. I am independent and objective, clearly citing the results of my investigations with supporting information as required. For this reason, I am a valuable witness on either side of the isle.

For a complete listing of cases contact me at 970-217-2190.

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