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Over 40 years, I have managed and conducted hundreds of surveying projects and been the expert witness in many court cases involving land and boundary disputes. Below is a list of some of my project categories, with a brief overview of each. For a complete list of specific projects within these categories, e-mail me at john@lambertlc.com or call me at 970-217-2190.

Open Ended and Ongoing Contracts
These types of contracts call for the full array of my land surveying services from the simplest to the most sophisticated projects on an as-needed basis. Terms of operations are set at time of contract negotiations.

Expert Analysis & Expert Witness
Land disputes are settled with the testimony of an expert surveyor. I have been involved as an expert witness for many cases in Colorado.

In the capacity of both surveyor and manager, I have produced geospatial mapping of natural or constructed features and boundaries on, above or below the earth’s surface. Utilize simple field techniques using hand held measuring devices to the most precise Global Positioning Systems equipment.

Civil/Site Development
For both design and build projects, I have participated as the field collector of data, office processing, and drafting of the three dimensional information to support the architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, planner or landscape designer for the completion of Construction Documents.

I have participated in field and office assignments as well as managing of street projects and arterial roadways at the city, county and state level. Collection and management of the field data, definition of road rights-of-way, and preparation of written description for land acquisition.

Surveyor and manager responsible for both office and field operations to delineate corporate limits, establish/reestablish controlling section corners, and define street rights of way for an entire city. I have directed several cities’ survey staff in the completion of right-of-way acquisition, replatting, monumentation and preparation of legal descriptions.

Land Survey Manager for monitoring ground movement of concrete and riprap spillways including grouting modifications. I have also performed river cross sections for dam replacement for several locations in Colorado.

Drainage & Flood Control
Surveyor and manager responsible for initial mapping, and construction layout of large conduit systems, high capacity inlet design, channel staking and wetland development areas. I prepared ownership maps and writing of land descriptions for acquisition.

For utility projects involving gas, electric, water, storm and sanitary sewer lines, I have served as the field surveyor and Manager providing initial data collection, mapping services, and preparation of legal descriptions/exhibits for both distribution and transmission line developments.

Capacity Surveys
I have completed many lake bathymetric surveys throughout Colorado for calculation of water capacity. A blending of the above and below water surface data for contours was conducted for purposes of full capacity determination.

Site Monitoring
I have served as both surveyor and manager on vertical displacement monitoring projects for structural movement due to loading constraints, slope conditions and expansive soils. I have been responsible for repetitive monitoring of "piezometers" positioned on dams for horizontal and vertical displacement.

For a complete list of specific projects, e-mail me at john@lambertlc.com or call 970-217-2190

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