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Since biblical times, when early civilizations first took ownership of the lands, man has depended on the expertise of a surveyor. In addition, when the need arose, that same surveyor had to support his/her findings with expert testimony in any court.

When it comes to your industrial, commercial, residential, city, county, state, or Federal surveying requirements, you will want the very best. Lambert Land Consulting provides you with the expertise you seek.

As a lead surveyor, I take on the complex task of:

  • The three-dimensional positioning of the property in question using the latest in geospatial survey technology.
  • An in-depth examination of the property details including the areas surrounding it.
  • An analysis of the legal instruments that define, or defend its boundaries.

The results will provide assurances you need to proceed with your plans for your property or the property you are developing for others.

Visit our website and call me personally - John Lambert, PLS at 970-217-2190

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